When it comes to Halloween, personal safety is often the forefront thought for many. But what about safety for your home? 

When Halloween comes about, it often means hosting gatherings, having guests over, and trick-or-treaters. Ensuring your home is as safe as possible is a Halloween must, regardless of where you live. This Halloween, follow these 7 safety tips to make your house safe for everyone!

Take Care of Your Home Improvements

If you’ve been holding off on fixing the handrail or patching up a hole, do it before the festivities begin; the last thing you’d want is to be liable for a serious injury on your property! Ensuring your home is in good working order can help prevent an unforeseeable premises liability accident, especially if guests include the elderly or children.

Light Up Your Home

Added light means improved visibility. If you are expecting trick-or-treaters, ensure there is plenty of light so that children and their parents can see where they are going. Doing so will not only mitigate the chance of injury, but will also help decrease the chance of damage to your home.

In addition to adding light, consider adding motion sensor lights. For some, Halloween can mean getting into mischief, but adding motion sensor lights can help ward off any unwanted spooky surprises

Puppy Preparation

Furry friends can be overwhelmed by the influx of guests coming to your home, whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or welcoming trick-or-treaters. During peak hours, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recommends putting your animals in a room far away from the front door and ensure they are wearing collars with proper tags.

Ensure chocolate treats are far out of reach for your animal and only dress them in costumes if they enjoy it; some costumes can cause restriction in movement and add undue stress. 

Periodically check in on them as the night progresses! 

Travel the Path

Prior to having guests on your property, walk the path yourself. Is it easy to access from the sidewalk? Do you have to walk over jack o’ lanterns? Are there decorations blocking the stairs? Is there space for parents to wait for their kids? These are all factors to consider before the holiday or holiday festivities.

Add Friction Tape to Slippery Stairs

Slip, trip, and falls happen more often than you think! In fact, falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits and can cause long-term complications. Consider adding extra safety measures to stairs by adding friction tape, especially if you live in a wet or moist climate. 

Cancel the Candles

While candles can fill your Halloween decor with a gorgeous glowing ambiance, they also pose a significant risk. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) found from 2013-2017, an average of 780 home structure fires began with decorations per year. 

Opt for fake candles, LED lights, or glow sticks to give your decorations a safer and more unique take!

Plug & Check

If you have multiple interior decorations that require power, it can be easy to overload extension cords. Double check the amps to ensure you are using the correct compatibility. If it begins to feel hot, unplug to prevent overheating.

Halloween is a fun holiday for many, but is also is the holiday with the fourth highest number of emergency room visits. Prevent an unwanted accident in and around your home by using these 7 tips to enhance safety and protect your home. Enjoy a safe and spooky Halloween!