As summer fast approaches, it’s important to adapt accordingly to protect from the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. While temperatures rise, so may the risk of contracting COVID-19 as many are tempted to ignore safety guidelines and celebrate sunny weather in large gatherings. 

Nice weather may have its draw to spend time outside in groups, but ensuring communities are adhering to safety guidelines is the best way to protect public health. By following these four proactive safety tips, you can help make summer enjoyable and safe for yourself and your community.

Follow Social Distancing Guidelines

One of the best ways to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus is to limit face-to-face contact with others. Social distancing, also called “physical distancing”, is the idea of keeping space between yourself and others outside of your residence. 

This is not to say you can’t see loved ones, but rather keeping 6 feet away may help reduce chances of exposure. Whether you find yourself at the beach, traveling, or walking around your community, keeping your distance from others can help improve the health and safety of all.

Tip: Consider hosting a “social distance picnic” where friends and family can spend time together, safely apart. 

Use Caution on the Road

Now more than ever, roads are dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike. If you are planning on taking a road trip, exercise caution and drive defensively. With the added mental stress and anxiety surrounding the global pandemic situation, drivers may be more distracted on the road. 

“Most serious car accidents share the same cause: human error,” note Martinsburg injury lawyers at Manchin Ferretti Injury Law, “negligent and law-breaking drivers cause thousands of wrecks, injuries and deaths each year.” Obey all road signage and use defensive driving techniques to optimize safety on the road. 

Tip: If you are planning a road trip, plan regular stops every 2 hours to stretch your body and refocus your mind. Never drive distracted, drunk, or drowsy.

Ask Questions

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. If you are planning on staying at a vacation rental or using any rented equipment, be sure to ask about the company’s sanitization methods and frequency. Asking these types of questions before your arrival can ensure you have everything you need to stay safe before you arrive. 

Tip: Prior to arrival or use or rented materials, ask about a company’s policy surrounding COVID-19.

Bring Your Own Gear

The best way to enhance your safety is to take control of it by being prepared. Keeping an ample supply of gloves, face coverings or masks, sanitizing wipes and sprays can help you and your loved ones feel more comfortable in any public setting. 

Consider making a plan on how to handle sanitation situations, such as grocery shopping, to limit social anxiety and exposure to COVID-19. 

Tip: It’s better to be safe than sorry: bring your own sanitizing materials and protective gear wherever you are this summer. 

Safer Summers

A new season can bring new challenges, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. By using these four safety tips, you can help protect the health and improve safety of your community this upcoming summer. Whether your plans take you cross country, across the state, or to your own backyard, you can do your part to flatten the curve.