The shoes we wear, the tires on our vehicles and the mattresses in our bedrooms. Individuals across the globe spend vast amounts of time on their feet, in the vehicles they drive and sleeping.

However, for the vast amounts of time the average individual spends driving, wearing shoes and sleeping, the financial investments do not necessarily match the time spent utilizing the product in question. 

It is common for individuals to always strive for the best deals, however when it comes to products that keep an individual off the ground, frequently we choose to go for the best deal and the lowest sticker price. It’s common for individuals to pick the lowest available price, but when it comes to shoes, mattresses and tires this type of frugality can cost the consumer in the long-run. 

Less expensive products tend to be cheaper for a reason. From the materials used, to the longevity of the product. Cheap prices generally reflect cheaper materials, less expensive labor costs, less attention to detail and less wear that the product can handle. 

While we may see deals for products that we spend substantial amounts of time in, it is important to remember the ripple effects that poorly designed or manufactured products can have on other aspects of our lives. 

If one cheaps out on a poorly manufactured mattress, tires or shoes the undesired consequences can range drastically. From sore feet and sole blisters for poor soles (shoes), to lethargy, poor sleep patterns and a decrease in school or work performance (mattress), to the extremes of having a tire blow out leading to a catastrophic injury (tires). 

When it comes to products that separate an individual from the ground. Remember to ensure these products are adequate for the job at hand.  Choosing the cheapest option available for shoes, mattresses or tires can have ranging negative impacts on a given individual.

Why Should I Spend Money on a Good Pair of Shoes?

The importance of a good pair of shoes should not be understated. Poor shoes can lead to foot pain and deformities, back and hip pain, blisters on the feet, calluses, neuropathy, ingrown toenails and additional painful ailments. 

While a low sticker price can be appealing to a potential consumer, the amount of money spent for any remedies to these painful ailments or a doctor’s visit can quickly surpass the total price of a high-end reputable pair of shoes. 

While a good pair of shoes from a reputable brand may be twice as expensive – or potentially more –  the price of the cheapest shoe options, the long-term benefits of the costs can actually be much less cheaper than a visit to a doctors office for pain associated with poorly fitting shoes or other consequences caused by poor footwear. 

If an individual’s line of work requires them to be on their feet for substantial periods of time, it is important for that individual to invest in proper fitting, long-lasting shoes that are comfortable. 

Why Should I Spend Money for a Good Mattress?

We’ve all seen sales around seasonal holidays for mattresses. Sometimes these sales are incredibly appealing to potential consumers in the market for a new mattress. However, it is important to ensure that a mattress works well for both the consumer and any potential spouse that will be utilizing the mattress.

The costs of mattresses range significantly. Some queen mattresses may check in at under $200, while other mattresses with the same dimensions may approach prices of $5,000

It is by no means obligatory to spend thousands of dollars for a mattress, however it is important to remember and research other customer reviews regarding the quality and longevity of a potential mattress. 

While it may be easy to overlook the amount of time that we spend in our beds, many Americans spend eight hours or more a day sleeping. If one lives to see their 75th birthday, and sleeps an average of 8 hours a night,  that average individual will spend 25 years, or one third of their total life, sleeping. Much of this time is spent sleeping on a mattress, so ensure the mattress is a good fit for the individual.

When one does not receive good sleep, the lack of sleep causes ripple effects that bleed into other facets of one’s life. 

What Physical Changes Happen When You Can’t Sleep?

Losing sleep can cause a body’s capacity to fight against bacteria and viruses leading to more sick days.

A lack of quality sleep can also diminish one’s libido, lead to a change in one’s weight and increase the risk of developing diabetes. Depending on the individual, additional physical changes can occur. 

What Mental Changes Happen When You Can’t Sleep?

The mental impacts of poor sleep can cause an individual to be groggy, forgetful, lack of alertness and added stress in personal and professional settings. 

When one loses sleep, the ripple effects can impact all other phases of life. From drowsy driving, to poorer work performance and an overall lessened quality of life. 

While the majority of us spend far more time sleeping than we do driving, the costs that a consumer may reasonably spend on a mattress, compared to the costs of a vehicle, can differ substantially. However it is important to ensure that all things that keep us off the ground are of reputable craftsmanship and comfortable for extended periods of time. 

Why Should I Spend Money for Good Tires?

Ever had a tire blowout? If you answered no – it’s likely a result of quality tires. A blown out tire can cause serious auto accidents and lead to life-threatening, or in extreme cases, fatal injuries. 

While safety factors like crash ratings and airbags may be at the forefront of importance for some consumers, tires are one of the most important safety features on a vehicle. 

Tires should provide adequate grip for braking and variable weather conditions, maintain direction and control of the vehicle in distinct weather conditions. If tires cannot provide the needed traction to grip, accelerate or guide the vehicle with precision the consequences can be severe. 

Individuals that have experienced a tire blowout, understand the dangers that these issues cause. Purchasing reputable new tires from a seller that stands behind their products with warranties can help limit long-term costs and lead to a better experience as a consumer. 

Tires are the main point of contact between your vehicle’s carriage and the tarmac or road below. Faulty tires can lead to serious consequences. In the 1990’s Firestone tires on Ford Explorers resulted in more than 271 fatalities and more than 800 injuries in the United States.  

Similar to mattresses, and most other products, there are affordable and expensive options to choose from. Ensure that you purchase tires from a reputable manufacturer that has a proven track record. 


While great deals might be tough to pass on initially, remember to consider the long-term costs of a product. Purchasing the right shoe, mattress or tire for more money can lead to longer-term benefits including less pain, better sleep and safer driving conditions. 

Cheaping out for these items that keep us off the ground can cause physical pain, increase stress levels and can potentially put our lives in danger. When it comes to items that keep our bodies off the ground remember to do your research and spend the appropriate amount of money to ensure a quality, pain free and safe product. 

When we consider how much time we spend on our feet, sleeping and the importance of the safety of ourselves andpassengers in our vehicle, the things that keep us off the ground should have high levels of qualifications associated with these items. Weigh the risks versus the rewards of a product to ensure that these items all meet the standards needed for a safe, pain free experience.