The holidays are upon us. No matter what or where you are celebrating, keep yourself and your family safe this holiday season. Here is the ultimate collection of holiday safety tips from around the web. Don’t take our word for it, listen to the experts!

Holiday Safety Tips for ChildrenSafe Kids Worldwide offers extremely useful tips for keeping your children safe through the holiday season. From keeping harmful plants out of reach (FYI – Poinsettias can cause nausea and vomiting) to choosing the right toy for your child’s age.

Holiday Safety and Mental Health Tips – The American Association of Pediatrics provides more kid safety tips as well as a few mental health pointers for parents maintaining their sanity.  If you have children I highly recommend perusing these.  Keep your routine, don’t be pressured to over spend, and enjoy the Holidays as a time to be with family.  Too many parents put too much undue stress and pressure on themselves.

Safe Driving Tips This Holiday – The Los Angeles attorneys at Panish Shea Boyle Ravipudi LLP provide some critical (and some obvious, but no less important) tips for getting where you are going safely this holiday season.  Hint, don’t drink and drive, don’t get distracted, and drive a well maintained car.

Holiday Tree Fire Safety  – Safer America (that’s right, it’s us!) partnered with Heartland Fire & Rescue and Cal Fire to stress the importance of holiday tree safety.

General Safety Tips From The CDC – The Center For Disease Control lays out an all encompassing guide to staying safe over the holidays.  Highlights include tips to manage stress, staying safe and warm, and handwashing tips to prevent spreading germs.

Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays – Anyone who has a beloved pet knows that they are part of the family.  Keep them safe this year with these tips from the ASPCA.  From choosing a tree, to wire and Christmas light build safety to New Year’s noise, they have everything covered.

Holiday Food Safety Tips –  The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services provides checklists to keep your family safe from food poisoning and how to safely cook a turkey.  Bonus: Avoid holiday buffets if at all possible.

Oh, and if you plan on making eggnog (all you over 21ers) don’t give yourself Salmonella by using any recipe you find on Pinterest.  Take this guide issued by the FDA.

Of course any list of tips is going to overlook a few safety hazards, so use your common sense this holiday season.  If it looks, sounds, seems, or even smells dangerous, don’t do or eat it.  The best way to fill in the blanks and keep yourself safe is to use your noodle.  Happy holidays everyone, may you and your family find yourselves safe and happy in 2015.