When we put our loved ones in a nursing home, we expect them to be in safe hands and cared for properly. However, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, sustaining injuries in a nursing home is all too common among the elderly. Below we discuss the most common nursing home injuries, what causes them, and why legal action may be necessary.

Common Nursing Home Injuries

1. Falls

Falls are the most common injury amongst the elderly population and can lead to more serious problems including, broken bones, head injuries, bruises, and more. Nursing homes are supposed to prevent falling amongst residents by properly assisting them. However, in some cases a staff member may be neglecting their responsibilities, and a fall could result.

2. Malnourishment

Malnourishment or malnutrition can also be commonly seen among nursing home residents. It is the nursing home’s duty to ensure that it’s residents are properly nourished. If this duty is neglected, malnourishment can cause brittle bones, weakness, dehydration, and more which can lead to serious health complications. Malnourishment can be caused by staff member’s purposefully withholding meals from residents if they are upset or angry with them.

3. Bedsores

Bedsores are very common in nursing homes. A bedsore is an injury to the skin caused by prolonged pressure on a certain part of the body. Bedsores develop if someone is not moved for a long period of time. When nursing home employees neglect to turn or move a bed-ridden resident or one who is wheelchair-bound, bedsores are a common development. Bedsores commonly appear on the hips, tailbone, spine, and heels.

What Causes Injuries in Nursing Homes

As discussed above, different things can cause different types of injuries in nursing homes. Sometimes foul play is not always why an injury may occur, but nursing homes have a duty to properly take care of it’s residents so as to avoid any type of injury occurring. Falls, malnourishment, and bedsores are common injuries that can and should be easily prevented by nursing homes and their staff. When these injuries occur, and are occurring often, abuse and neglect is at play.

When Legal Action is Necessary

If you notice your loved one suffering from any types of injuries or neglect, legal action may be necessary. You should first document everything you notice then speak with the nursing home supervisor about your concerns. If you continuously see signs of abuse or neglect, it’s time to take more severe actions. You should file a complaint with your state’s proper agency and contact an experienced nursing home abuse attorney, like Joel R. Bryant, for help navigating this process and taking further legal action. An attorney can help you and your loved one recover and hold the negligent nursing home facility responsible. An attorney will also seek the compensation you and your loved one deserve for the improper care and pain and suffering that took place. 

Placing our loved ones in a nursing home can be daunting, but by doing research and staying vigilant, it should be a safe environment for them to live in. If you do notice any signs of neglect, take the proper steps and legal actions to remedy the situation.