Motorcycles are a popular form of transportation on the roads every day. At the same time, tragic motorcycle accidents occur far too often due to driver negligence. It’s commonly said to share the road, but how exactly can you do your part in preventing motorcycle accidents? Here are five tips to remember when driving on the road with motorcyclists.

1. Use your turn signals earlier.

While this is a standard rule for driving on the road, many drivers often overlook the importance of using their turn signals. Remembering to signal before making a turn or lane change far enough in advance warns other vehicles including motorcyclists on the road. When motorcyclists know where your vehicle is moving, they can proceed accordingly and safely.

2. Check your blind spots.

While it may seem overstated, it is extremely important as a driver to use your mirrors and check your blind spots. Since motorcycles are smaller vehicles, they are not as easily visible as passenger cars so it is crucial to take extra caution when changing lanes or turning. Failing to clearly check your blind spots is one of the leading causes of sideswipe motorcycle accidents involving cars. As a driver, this simple act will help prevent dangerous and tragic accidents with motorcyclists. 

3. Never share a lane with a motorcyclist.

While motorcycles are smaller vehicles, it is never a good idea for a car to share a lane with a motorcyclist. Even if there appears to be space for your car and a motorcycle in one lane, it is against the law to drive in the same lane as a motorcyclist. Avoiding sharing a lane with a motorcyclist is an easy way to prevent dangerous accidents. 

4. Maintain an adequate following distance behind motorcycles.

Avoiding tailgating motorcyclists is a sure way to prevent an accident or collision. Since motorcycle riders are more vulnerable on the road and lack the same protection as passengers in a vehicle, it is important to give them adequate space. This is especially important at night when there is a high risk of danger for motorcycle riders on the road. 

5. Double check before crossing or turning at an intersection.

Intersections are often where accidents with other vehicles and motorcycles occur. Any time you approach an intersection, remember to follow the standard safety measures of coming to a complete stop, following the traffic signals, and looking both ways before proceeding slowly. Before making a left turn across multiple lanes of oncoming traffic, make sure to take a second look for motorcyclists. This can help prevent dangerous collisions in which the motorcyclist T-bones the turning car. 

Motorcycles are a thrilling form of transportation for many, but without caution and attentive driving, tragic accidents can occur in the blink of an eye. Motorcycle accidents can leave riders with severe injuries, from bone fractures to blunt force trauma and brain injuries, and tragic accidents can be fatal. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact a trusted and experienced personal injury attorney to help file your case.