According to the National Crime Prevention Council, October is National Crime Prevention Month. To better help you protect yourself from crime, we researched some top tips to help keep our readers safer. 

Be A Heads-Up Pedestrian

Any time you walk around, knowing some basic safety tips can help reduce your chance of being a victim of crime. Some ideas to stay safe as a pedestrian include: 

  • Learning Self Defense: knowing how to defend yourself in a dangerous situation can be life saving. Self defense can be a valid defense in California and other states around the country. Knowing Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or other forms can help you defend against predators. 
  • Following all crosswalk laws, checking both ways before crossing the road (even if you have the walk signal).
  • If you must walk at night, walk in well lit areas and try to walk in pairs. 

Safeguard Your Home 

Keeping your home 100% safe from intruders is impossible, but oftentimes certain simple safety measures are overlooked, therefore making your house more of a target for break ins. Some commonly skipped safety measures include: 

  • Making sure every door and window is functional and locks correctly.
  • Trimming trees and hedges to eliminate hiding places.
  • Opt to keep spare keys with trusted neighbors or friends, not underneath the doormat or in a fake rock. Criminals often check under planters and doormats first when looking to break in. 
  • Install (and use) a peephole for your front door.
  • Ask any maintenance workers for proper identification before allowing them entry into your home.

Staying Safe While On The Go 

You could be unknowingly putting yourself in danger when traveling from place to place. If you are driving, it is essential to make sure you are alert and aware at all times, and that you lock all car doors immediately upon entry. Staying aware on the road can help you prevent car accidents, which can cause a variety of bodily injuries. Additionally, practicing defensive driving techniques can help you stay safer on the road. 

Also, driving drunk is a serious crime that can have massive implications on your daily life. Be aware of your intoxication level and possible medical interactions before getting behind the wheel. DUI attorneys at Stewart Law Group know that even one DUI can result in license suspension and heavy fines, or worst case scenario, fatalities.

Furthermore, keeping your car up to date on maintenance needs can prevent your car from breaking down (which can be a target to criminals passing by). Seasonal maintenance like new tires for the rain, or adding snow chains during a blizzard is essential as well. 

Overall, this October we hope that you take a look at your current crime prevention precautions, and see if there is any room for improvement. By implementing some of the tips listed above, you can help reduce your chances of being targeted for certain types of crimes and hopefully avoid any injuries or life threatening situations.