I am old enough to remember when the Mall of America opened its doors in 1992 and have been fortunate enough to visit a handful of times. 

If you have not visited the mall yet, the Mall of America is 5.6 million square feet and has over 520 retail stores inside. 

To put this into perspective, this is almost twice as many square feet as the second largest mall in the US, American Dream in New York City which is 3 million square feet. 

A mall this big has lots of attractions, lots of traffic, which means more possibilities of accidents. 

How To Safe At The Mall of America

You are planning your trip to the largest mall in America, you are overflowing with excitement, but you are smart enough to know that you need be prepared. I am going to share with you 4 things I have learned and observed from my multiple trips to the Mall of America.


1. Lock Your Car and Hide Your Luggage 

There will be lots of traffic and pedestrians around the mall. Unfortunately when tourists come to town, usually criminals look for easy targets. Be sure you lock your car and cover/ hide the belongings you leave in the car. 

If you are traveling to the Twin Cities just to visit the Mall of America, then it might be best to unload your luggage at your hotel room before going to the mall. Then you have less to worry about while being inside. 


2. Keep An Eye On Your Kids

As we discussed earlier, this is a huge mall. There is a lot going on and it has a massive indoor theme park. While roller coasters can be fun, but there is a lot of potential for injuries. Which isn’t something you want to think about on vacation, but it can happen and if it does the best thing you can do is get help from Minneapolis personal injury attorney

Don’t let them ride if they don’t meet the height, weight, or age requirements. An upset kid is better than an injured kid.


3. Don’t over Indulge 

There are 50+ restaurants inside the Mall of America, a lot of really good food! Don’t try to eat at every one of them. The mall is big enough that you could easily spend lunch and dinner inside, allowing you to eat multiple times over the day so you aren’t force feeding.

You definitely don’t want to eat too much and then go get on a roll coaster, we all know that is a mess waiting to happen. 


4. Pace Yourself – Take your Time

1 level of the Mall of America is 1.15 miles, there are 4 levels; 4.6 miles. Not including your walk from the parking garage to get inside, the detours in the stores, restaurants, and theme park. 

It is safe to say, if you go to the mall, you will be exposed to a lot of walking. You want to wear your walking shoes, not shoes that are uncomfortable. Be sure to take your time, rest as needed, and drink plenty of water. Even though you are indoors and it is not too hot, you still need water.

Wrapping It Up

The Mall of America is an amazing place and lots of fun! If you are ever nearby I think it is a must visit attraction. Even if you aren’t nearby, I think it is worth planning a visit to go see it.

A very unique experience, where else can you ride a roll coaster inside a mall? 

Remember to be safe. Have fun and enjoy your trip!