We are always in a hurry, something always has to be done. Usually the way we get to and from to do these things, is our car. 

Cooper tires did a study, and found out the average person spends 18 days a year in their car. That is a lot of time. 

With that said, when is the last time you did a safety check on your car?

It probably gets overlooked because you are so busy, but today I am going to give you a quick car safety checklist so you can double check your car. Remember, not only are you responsible for your passengers and the people around us on the road. “If your car causes an accident and injures another drive, due to maintenance neglect, you could possibly be held liable” a quote from a car accident attorney in Dayton, OH.

The Car Safety Checklist

1) Check Your Tire Tread and Air Pressure

Check to make sure your tires still have enough tread. There will be a tread warning indicator on your tire (a small rubber line inside the tread). If the tread indicator is even with your tire, then it is time to get new tires. While you are checking your tires, be sure to check your tire pressure. In the colder months, our tires will lose air and this can be a potential hazard.

2) Top Off Your Fluids

Check all your fluids to make sure they are topped off. Everything from your oil, radiator, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and wiper fluid. Some of these fluids play a more important role than the others, but they are all necessary to help keep you safe.

3) Are Your Lights On

If you can’t see and others can’t see you, that is an accident waiting to happen. Be sure your headlights, tail lights, brake lights, warning lights and turn signals are all working.

4) Make Sure The Wipers Are Working

Make sure your wipers are in good condition and will clean the windows and not smear the rain and dirt, hindering your vision.

5) Hoses and Belts

Check to make sure none of the hoses or belts are damaged or leaking. If they show severe signs of wear, it would be best to change them out for they break while you’re out and about, leaving you stranded.

6) Battery

Since you are going to be looking at the hoses and belts, check out the battery. Make sure there is no corrosion around the terminals. Also, think if you have had any problems with the car not wanting to crank and/ or windows lagging when you roll them up. If so, it is time to think about replacing the battery.

7) Leaks

Look under the vehicle and around the motor to make sure there isn’t any leaking fluids or oil. If your car has been running in one spot before checking it, and the AC was on, then you could see a puddle of condensation.

Stay Safe On The Road

Now you have the car safety checklist, make sure your car is safe for you, your passengers, and the rest of the drivers on the road. After all it is your responsibility.

Make sure your car is up to par, if not replace what needs to be replaced. Enjoy your drive and stay safe!