As the summer months creep in, many people become excited for warmer weather, summer vacations, and a break from school. However, generally the summer months are a dangerous time, as families are more susceptible to injuries and crime, especially whilst on a vacation. This article will touch on some of the ways that you can keep your family safe this summer, and also give insight into the things you should avoid in order to have a memorable and safe summer for the entire family. 

Talk To Your Children About Safety

Before the summer begins, it’s necessary that you have a serious sit-down conversation with your children about the importance of safety. Make sure that they are aware of the proper precautions to take in multiple situations such as: getting lost, being approached by strangers, becoming injured, seeing something suspicious, etc. You may want to teach them how to use a phone if they are old enough, so they can call you in case of emergencies. It is up to you what you discuss with your children, but having this talk before the summer starts can be very beneficial for their safety. 

Summer Safety Do’s

Keep these safety tips in mind as summer comes closer to ensure your family is as safe as possible: 

  • Keep an eye on your children at all times and do not leave them unattended at any time. Leaving children unattended can lead to serious injuries and potential crime. 
  • Make sure your children know the importance of water safety. Summer usually comes with watersports/waterplay. It may be a good idea to enroll your children in a swimming or water safety class before the summer begins. 
  • Generously apply sunscreen and use an ample amount of skin protection on hot, sunny days. Sun damage can lead to serious complications later on. 
  • Keep your head on a swivel while in public, especially if you are in an unfamiliar area. Do not travel or carry valuables with you. 
  • In order to prevent crime such as burglaries, always lock your car doors and house while you are away or out and about. 
  • Report suspicious activity to the local police if you are a witness. 
  • Have an emergency kit in your car in order to tend to unexpected injuries and illnesses. 

Summer Safety Don’ts

  • Do not leave your children unattended in a car for any reason or at any time, but especially in the summer months. The heat is extremely dangerous. Also, car accidents can happen at any time, and it would be devastating if your child was a victim. 
  • Do not drink alcohol or consume drugs while you are around your children. Impairment from outside substances makes it more difficult for you to ensure their safety is a top priority. 
  • Do not swim or allow your children to swim without supervision. At a beach or a pool, make sure there is a lifeguard on duty in case drownings or other complications might arise. 
  • Do not leave valuables in plain sight in your car or home. This is an invitation for thieves and can be avoided very simply. 
  • Do not accept food, drinks, or rides from strangers. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

A Memorable and Safe Summer 

The list of do’s and don’ts of summer safety can go on and on, but by following the above tips, you are on the right track of keeping your family as safe as possible this summer. Many of these safety tips can be used all year long, and you may want to begin incorporating them at all times to be extra careful. This summer, do your part in keeping your family safe from crime, injuries, and illnesses, and you will be sure to create lifelong memories for years to come.