As the world seems to be getting scarier and scarier, personal safety devices are becoming more popular. They are a simple precaution, whether for an upcoming trip out of the country or to ease your mind in unfamiliar neighborhoods; it is always better to be safe than sorry. According to crime data broken down by city analyzed by research, violent crime has increased by 12 percent while robbery rates have fallen by 23 percent. However, murder, rape, and aggravated assault have climbed by over 25 percent. Having a personal safety device like an alarm, app or some sort of self-defense can help many feel much safer when they are alone. 

What is a Personal Safety Device?

A personal safety device is a non-lethal device used to protect yourself in a dangerous situation. The important distinction is that these devices are completely legal to carry in most states- except for a taser, making them accessible and easy to use. There are various types of personal safety devices, ranging from devices that do cause harm like a taser or pepper spray, to devices that can track your location and alert the authorities, like an alarm key ring. These devices are made to be carried on your person, either in your hand, on your keys, or in a purse or pocket. 

Different Types of Safety Devices

Taser/Stun Gun

Tasers and stun guns can be a great option for a personal safety defense. Anyone can use them to inflict harm on an attacker without special training. A major difference between a taser and a stun gun is that a taser requires you to be within arm’s reach of the target, and for it to be effective the charge needs to be applied for a few seconds. The advantage of a stun gun is distance, with an average shooting range of 15 feet, however, they require parts to be replaced after each use. It is extremely unlikely that someone could die as a result of being shocked by a Taser or stun gun. However using an electric current to shock another person will always come with risks, so it is extremely important to make sure that you understand how to use the device. There are many differences between different tasers and stun guns, and Normal Park breaks down the 10 best tasers for self-defense to help you decide if a taser is the best decision for your safety needs.


A new type of safety device- jewelry. A way for you to call for help is with the press of a button, but instead of being on your phone or a separate device, it’s a part of your necklace or bracelet. Most safety jewelry was created to alert pre-designated contacts and in some cases the authorities. Some have built-in alarms and other features, but the main purpose behind personal safety jewelry is to have another set of eyes and ears on you at all times. If wearing your safety device as a fashion statement intrigues you, check out Brit+Co’s list of eight safety wearables– that all function as alarms. Another type of safety jewelry is self-defense accessories. This is jewelry made to look like a fashionable piece to add to any outfit but is also a weapon. Accessories like disguised knife necklaces, rings, and bracelets with hidden defense tools are making their way onto the market.



Personal Safety alarms are great for attracting attention to the situation and or deterring attackers. Some of these alarms also come with a flashlight and the capability to alert authorities or pre-designated contacts depending on the button or frequency of a button pressed. Designed to fit in an easily accessible place- keychain, belt loop, on a lanyard, or your phone case. Personal safety alarms can be a great option for someone who wants a simple device to call for help to people in the near vicinity, or to even ward off animals in the wild. To help you narrow down the search for a personal safety alarm, Spy created a list of the 15 best personal safety alarms.

Pepper spray

Pepper spray can be a great option as it can stun the attacker by temporarily blinding them allowing you to get away safely. There are many different sizes and shapes, as well as the level of potency can vary depending on the use and manufacturer. Many companies make pepper spray that is concealed as other objects such as lipstick, a pen, bracelets, and more. Best Survival compiled a list of 10 Best Pepper Sprays along with a buyer guide to help you choose the best spray for you. Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, however, some states do have restrictions based on size, concentration, age, and other restrictions. To check the laws in your state click here


Many different personal safety apps do various things, however, the overall premise is a tracking device that allows you to alert trusted contacts or the authorities. Some apps have features that will send authorities to a pre-designated address, or an address of your choosing. It is important to do your research on these apps and make sure you are choosing the best app for your needs. Most do require purchase, either one time or a subscription, however, there are several great free apps as well. If the search for a personal safety app seems daunting, websites like Wired and Best App have compiled detailed lists of the best safety apps. These apps are a great alternative to an alarm which might have some of the same capabilities but not all. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Personal Safety Device


Different personal safety devices are best used in various situations. It is extremely important that before purchasing a personal safety device you determine the best device that will suit your specific needs. Apps can be useful for alerting others, however in case of an attack, there is not much that an app can do to inflict harm on another.    


Certain devices require a charge after so many uses, or can only be used within a certain range. Assessing your comfortability with allowing the attacker into your personal space to use the device versus not is crucial in helping you decide which personal safety device is best for you.