Choosing a daycare can be a daunting and very important decision for a new parent. From leaving your child in the care of another to looking for a safe environment, there are many things to look at before making a final decision. Unfortunately, even after all of that research, daycare abuse and injuries can still happen.

When researching new facilities and touring different locations, it’s important to use your senses and follow your intuition. Also, it’s important to observe your child during these visits as some kids may pick up on things that you may miss. Before you decide on the best daycare for your child, look for these red flags before signing your child over to a stranger. 


  • Too Many Children: In larger daycares, 14 children is the maximum number allowed. This number ensures that there is a proper ratio for staff to children and to ensure each minor is getting the attention they need. 


  • No Support from Caregivers: Emotional support is critical during the early years of development and if a parent is not available, a daycare worker should be able to step in. Watch how caregivers interact with the children. If the kids seem to be ignored when crying, brushed off or bullied by others, it may not be the right place for your little one


  • An Unsafe Environment: Take the time to thoroughly assess the surroundings your child will be spending their days in. While you may have taken the time to babyproof your home, the facility may not have. According to Richmond personal injury lawyer Christina Pendleton, something as simple as a “…A rusted, loose screw on a swing set could have devastating repercussions on a child”.


  • No Open Communication: If it’s difficult to voice your concerns or have trouble scheduling a visit with the staff, these could be signs of poor business practices. In many cases, if a daycare does not have an open-door policy and allow you to drop by unannounced, it may be a red flag. 


  • No Stimulation: In order to grow mentally and emotionally, your child needs stimulating interaction and toys. Without these, their development could be stunted. Look for up-to-date toys, colorful signs and posters, and staff interacting with the children.

Picking a daycare is an important choice that can have lasting effects on your child for the rest of their lives. If your child has already been in a daycare setting and sustained an injury, contact a daycare injuries lawyer today.