School is out, temperatures are rising and summer is in full swing! Children couldn’t be more excited for the summer time and are pushing their parents to bring them to the park, the pool, carnivals, and much more. Due to this increase in activity, kids tend to get injured more often and more severely in the summer. During the winter months, a pediatric hospital might see around 100 kids a month. However, between May and September, they typically see 170-200 patients a month. Pediatricians often refer to summer as the “trauma season.”

The only way to keep your little ones safe is to always keep an eye on them and to know what to prevent them from doing. Here are the most common injuries that children sustain during the summer months.

1: Heat Exposure

Summer was made for running in the sun and playing outside. However, the increase in temperature coupled with physical movement can prove to be dangerous for children. It is not uncommon for kids to suffer from heat exposure. Here are a few signs and symptoms of heat exposure:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Body aches

When children suffer from heat exposure, they often become dehydrated, which could be severely dangerous and detrimental if it is not caught early on. Remember to keep your loved ones hydrated throughout the day. Try to minimize their time in direct sunlight if possible. Encourage them to take small breaks inside to drink water and enjoy snacks.

Also be sure to apply sunscreen on your kids every time they go out to play!

2: Falls

It is not uncommon for children to fall. As a matter of fact, nearly 8,000 children are treated for fall injuries in U.S. hospitals every day. They are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries for kids ages 0-19.

Kids love to play games like Tag, Red Rover, and Capture the Flag, during the summer. All these activities require children to run at fast speeds. This increases their chances of slipping and falling. If possible, encourage your children to play these running games on grass or a soft surface.

Bike falls also severely increase during the summer months. Help prevent injuries and accidents by tightening the bike’s seat, screws, and chains each summer. Make sure that the bicycle is still the right size and height for your little one. Lastly, always require them to wear a helmet, no matter how short or long they’re going to ride for.


3: Water-Related Injuries

Families love to visit the pool or beach when it is hot, this causes water-related injuries to spike during the summer months. More people make more visits to the pool and a heavily crowded wet area is the perfect place for accidents and injuries. Did you know that three children die every day as a result of drowning? In fact, drowning is the second leading cause of death among children, behind only car accidents.  If you’re thinking about letting your kids swim without a floatation device, swim alongside them in the beginning until you’re confident that they can do it on their own. Prevent your little ones from getting injured here by:

  • Telling them not to run in or near the pool under any circumstance.
  • Requiring them to wear floaties if they are 100% confident that they can swim on their own.
  • Scoping out the pool and looking for any loose handlebars, nails, or tiles that your loved ones should also be aware of.
  • Never being out of reach of your child in the water.
  • Supervising them at all times.

Summertime is meant for carefree days filled with new experiences. Keep your family safe by taking the necessary precautions and by staying educated on the latest safety information. Enjoy the long summer days and stay safe!