Bicycles are utilized for a number of purposes including, transportation, recreation, and exercise. Nevertheless, despite how versatile they may be, when it comes to sharing the road with motorized vehicles, they also put the rider in serious danger. Unfortunately, vehicle collisions with bicycles are common and can prove to be fatal, with a report by the IIHS claiming that 843 bicyclists were killed in accidents with motorized vehicles in 2019. However, not all accidents are deadly, and if you are involved in one, these are the steps you should immediately after. Countless personal injury lawyers have concluded that actions that you take following such an accident can have a significant effect on your health, insurance, and any legal case that may follow in the event of damages or injuries. 

Call 911

Following the accident, you, someone else involved, or a witness should call the authorities immediately. Even if the accident wasn’t very serious and nobody appears to be injured, try and make sure everyone in the area stays and waits for the police to arrive. The authorities will not only be able to file a legal report on the incident but can bring medical specialists to the scene if necessary.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you do not look or feel injured, it is crucial that you accept any medical attention that is offered. Often, people sustain injuries that may not be visible to the naked eye could be serious such as brain injuries, that would not otherwise be detected without professional help. These injuries can prove to be fatal in some situations and sometimes preventable if treated immediately. 

Document The Scene 

If you are physically able to do so, it is imperative that you document the scene following the accident. Take pictures of any injuries you may have sustained, the condition of your bicycle, the driver’s car, surrounding traffic signs, and anything else that may prove to be useful to your insurance or legal team. Store these important documents in a safe space and make copies if this information if you are able to do so. 

Give Your Side Of The Story 

Filing a police report is easily overlooked when you have just been involved in an accident. However, it’s a key step in ensuring financial recovery. When speaking to police following the accident, you ant to give your side of what happened. Although everyone involved and possible witnesses may all have different experiences of the event, it is crucial that you as the cyclist have your story documented by the authorities. Take note of the case number so you can easily reference it later. 

Speak To Witnesses 

If there were pedestrians or other drivers in the area that may have seen the accident take place, speak to them and ask what they saw happen. By talking to different witnesses individually, it may help paint a picture of what actually happened to help determine who may have been at fault and caused the accident. These witness accounts may come in handy when trying to prove your case if you choose to file a claim. 

Collect Information

Collecting the information of the driver is also a crucial step following an accident. This typically includes their name, contact information, insurance, and license information. All of these will prove to be useful when filing an accident claim. Furthermore, it is also important to remember not to cut any deals with the driver after the incident, because you may not know the full extent of the damages immediately after.

Contact A Bicycle Accident Lawyer

After you have completed the following step, next, it’s necessary that you get in touch with a bicycle accident lawyer in your area. According to the Newnan bicycle accident lawyers at Kam, Ebersbach and Lewis, P.C., utilizing a skilled bicycle accident attorney after a crash with a vehicle can save you time and money, while also ensuring that you receive any compensation for damages that you may experience during or after the accident.