car driving on road

In any situation, car accidents can be scary and stressful for everyone involved. It is important to remain calm and be aware of what actions are needed in order to have the best possible outcome. Hit and run accidents, however, are especially difficult to navigate. If you have found yourself victim to a hit and run car accident, follow these tips to make sure you are compensated for any harm done. 

Traffic laws vary from state to state, however it is legally required to stop after an incident no matter what state you are in. It is important to research your state’s statute of limitations for hit and runs. Speaking to a personal injury lawyer will help answer any questions you may have or learn of possible exceptions.

Ensure Safety

The most important thing to confirm is that everyone in your vehicle is safe. Seek medical attention if needed. In some instances, injuries can be hidden by adrenaline and shock. Do not shy from getting checked out as it is always better to be safe than sorry. Remember that any treatment should be recorded to be able to have proof in courts. 

There are a variety of different consequences one may endure depending on the severity of the crash. Some of the most common types of injuries to be on the watch for are concussions, whiplash, brain or spinal injuries, burns and more. Keep in mind that the injuries are not always physical, there are many mental effects that a car accident can trigger. Trauma is something common among car accident survivors, and taking care of this is just as important as a physical injury. 

Report The Incident

Waste no time in reporting the incident. Even though the other party drove away, you can still receive compensation, or there is a chance the culprit will be caught. Call the police first, and make sure to have as many details as possible to describe the scene to them. It is always useful if there is a witness that was present and willing to give a statement. After this is sorted, call your insurance company. With the report you made with the police you now can file an insurance claim. 

Hire An Attorney

Lastly, it is time to receive the compensation you deserve. Set up a consultation with a personal injury lawyer to understand what your case could be worth. Oftentimes a consultation is free, and they will be able to explain what you should expect from the case. An attorney should also be able to help you with any insurance claim issues. 

If the at-fault part is found, you will be able to file a case. In this situation it is highly suggested to have someone with legal experience on your side. Opposing insurance companies can make the process difficult and confusing. What is important is that you heal from the accident and receive as much reimbursement as possible.