Riding your motorcycle in the winter can be miserable. As many riders store their bikes until weather conditions improve, you may still want to take your motorcycle for a ride in the winter months. If that’s the case, you should be aware of some important safety tips for navigating the roads in winter conditions.

1. Motorcycle Maintenance

It’s important to keep your bike in peak shape and stick to your pre-ride inspection list, especially if you’re going to be riding in harsher weather conditions. One of the most important steps for this is to make sure your bike has a pair of all-season tires. Colder weather seriously impacts your tires. Checking tire pressure and tread regularly should also be on your maintenance check-list.

Another important step to take is to wash your bike after a ride if you’ve driven on roads with road salt. Road salt is corrosive and should be avoided when possible.

2. Wear the Proper Gear

Layering your clothes and gear is important to stay warm while riding in the winter. Your outerwear should be waterproof and wearing a pair of winter gloves and boots is also a good idea. Your helmet should also be tightly sealed and fog-proof.

You may also want to invest in a heated seat or a pair of hand warmers. Keeping warm is essential for riding in cooler conditions.

3. Ride in a Group

There’s always safety in numbers, and this rings true for motorcyclists in winter. Riding in a group not only provides a sense of comradery, but it also provides nearby help in case something does go wrong.

4. Warm Up Your Tires Before Riding

As mentioned earlier, the cold weather impacts your bike’s tires. The rubber on the tires will shrink, decreasing their ability to grip. It’s important to warm up your tires before heading out in cooler weather conditions. You can do this a few different ways, but just riding around for a couple of minutes in your neighborhood before heading out can help.

5. Don’t Ride in the Snow

You should avoid riding in the snow, and if it does start to snow while you’re out on a ride, you should head home or stop and wait for conditions to improve. Snow can quickly pile up and make the roads extremely slippery. This is very dangerous for motorcycles and increases your likelihood of an accident. If you do find yourself in an accident, make sure you keep a record of the details of the accident, seek medical attention, and consult with an attorney. According to the Denver motorcycle accident attorneys at Kane Dulin McQuinn Young, you could be compensated for damages including: lost earnings, pain and suffering, medical bills, and more. That’s why it’s important to speak with a lawyer following an accident.

Driving your motorcycle in the winter can be risky. However, there are some safety tips you can follow to help you navigate the cold conditions and stay safe riding in the winter.