Most people are aware that motorcycles are far more dangerous modes of transportation than cars. One major reason is that there is no protection like there is with a car. If a motorcyclist collides, they take on the direct impact of the crash. There is no seatbelt, no airbag, and no metal frame.

Data from the NHTSA confirms just how dangerous motorcycles are. Although motorcycles only make up 3% of vehicles on the road, they account for nearly 15% of fatal crashes. They are also 28 times more likely than cars to be involved in a fatal accident.

A recent analysis of NHTSA crash data by the Bendinelli Law Firm, P.C. examined which specific roads in the U.S. are most dangerous for motorcyclists. The study looked at all fatal collisions that have involved a motorcycle.

10 Deadliest Motorcycle Roads

It may not come as a surprise that 7 out of the 10 most deadly roads for motorcyclists are in Florida. Florida has many dangerous roads, and often appears in lists of the top states for crashes or fatalities. The table below lists the top 10 roads for motorcycle fatalities.

Rank Road State Fatal Motorcycle Crashes (FMC) Deaths in FMC All Fatal Crashes % of Crashes That Involved a Motorcycle
1 US-1 Florida 136 141 549 25%
2 US-41 Florida 91 99 421 22%
3 US-19 Florida 76 80 302 25%
4 I-95 Florida 63 64 464 14%
5 I-5 California 52 54 535 10%
6 US-441 Florida 47 49 272 17%
7 US-27 Florida 45 47 305 15%
8 US-101 California 44 45 394 11%
9 US-17 Florida 42 42 248 17%
10 I-10 Texas 41 41 448 9%

Why Are These Roads So Dangerous?

It seems unusual that one state would have so many dangerous roads compared to other states. Although all we have is data, speculation can be made. Florida has good roads for motorcycles due to the long stretches and ocean views, so many people enjoy riding there. Florida also has sunny and beautiful weather for most of the year, which encourages a lot of riders. However, Florida also experiences hurricane season in June through November. This of course brings rain, which can contribute to motorcycle crashes. On any given day, the sunshine can be overtaken by a sudden thunderstorm. Additionally, Florida draws in many tourists, many of whom may not be as familiar with the area, and may be distracted by the sights or their GPS.

What is the #1 Deadliest Road For Motorcyclists?

florida us-1 dangerous road

The number one deadliest highway for motorcyclists is Highway 1 in Florida. It’s also one of the deadliest roads in America for all vehicles. Highway 1 stretches 545 miles through 13 counties, so there are many opportunities for collisions. It can be hard to point to one specific cause of these crashes, because many factors are at play. Distractions, impaired driving, bad roads, and speeding are all potential causes of motorcycle accidents. Construction Drive suggests that improving infrastructure on Highway 1 may reduce crashes, as well as reducing speed limits and adding protected bike lanes.

How Can Motorcycle Accidents Be Prevented?

As mentioned above, there are so many factors that can contribute to a motorcycle accident. That’s why it’s best to take extra precaution before riding a motorcycle, and to remain as vigilant as possible. Follow these safety tips when riding a motorcycle to reduce your chances of crashing.

  • Check the weather before going riding
  • Wear protective gear like boots, a jacket, a DOT-approved helmet, gloves, and goggles
  • Obey traffic laws (use your turn signal, don’t speed)
  • Try to avoid being in cars’ blind spots
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles
  • Wear reflective clothing at night
  • Take an advanced riding or safety course

These are all actionable items that can be done to protect yourself while riding a motorcycle. Car drivers can do their part by staying vigilant of motorcyclists around them.