Many people across the U.S. are currently working from home, some for the first time in their careers. While there can be a lot of benefits that come from working remotely (i.e. no daily commute, wearing pajamas all day) it can come with many disadvantages as well. 

One such disadvantage is that you may no longer have access to your office work desk and chair, and may be making due with the dining room table and/or chairs not designed for working 8+ hours a day at the computer. This can result in poor posture and serious back pain.

Poor posture can lead to serious long-term muscle and spinal cord injuries, and if left untreated can result in life-long chronic pain that can be unbearable.

If you want to avoid these heath complications, follow these tips for proper posture that will make your time working from home much more enjoyable. 

woman sitting at home office desk

Make Sure Your Work Station is Set Up Correctly

It can be tempting to work anywhere in your home that’s most comfortable, but sitting in your favorite lounge chair or on the couch with your lap-top could very well interfere with your focus and your posture.

If you’re going to work from home, it’s important to set up a dedicated work space where you can arrange your chair, desk, and computer in a way that will most benefit your posture.

If you know you’ll be at your desk for more than 4 hours a day, a standing desk is a good way to help maintain your posture and keep your body moving throughout the day. 

Do Daily Exercises 

If you want to have good posture all the time, not just while you’re sitting, it’s important to do exercises that focus on strengthening your core muscles. 

Try making a routine of doing crunches in the evening or stomach stabilizing exercises.

Doing small amounts of exercise each day will build up over time and eventually you’ll see a dramatic shift and improvement in your posture.

Buy a Posture Corrector 

With the use of a posture corrector, you can help retrain your muscles in a way that helps you achieve proper natural posture over time. There are a variety of posture shirts, posture braces and other posture devices that you can purchase online. Finding the best one for your body will depend on your individual body type and the source of your back pain/poor posture.

Whatever posture corrector you choose, make sure it is one that is comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis.


Considering all the issues that can arise from poor posture, it’s important to make the effort to fix it if you are beginning to notice any signs of pain or discomfort. It’ll make your time working from home a more comfortable and enjoyable experience overall.