Halloween night is a joyous time of year beloved by many eventgoers adorned in costumes. While some adults will spend their night trick-or-treating with their kids (and they can find Halloween safety tips here), others will be off celebrating at parties–in fact, this is how an estimated 1 in 3 adults in the United States will spend their Halloween night.

The festive spirit can be contagious for all ages, but it can also lead to poor decisions when alcohol is involved. That’s why it’s important to follow a Halloween safety plan to prevent a drunken mistake from making an impact on the rest of your life.

Below are ways you can stay safe while attending a party and drinking this Halloween night.

Safety Tips for Guests

  • Have a designated driver. Before you head out to your destination, you should already have a designated person to drive. You can also plan to use ride-share services such as Uber or Lyft but be aware of holiday surge pricing.
  • Do not drink and drive, no matter what. The results can be devastating. Not only will you deal with the cost of a DUI and hiring a DUI defense lawyer, but due to the many children walking the streets, sober designated drivers already have to be extra alert. Twice as many pedestrian accidents where children are hit and killed occur on Halloween compared to an average night.
  • An alternative plan could be to stay overnight at the host’s or a friend’s home. If that’s not a possibility, you can find a hotel nearby. Some may offer holiday discounted rates and promotions.
  • For sober drivers, it is recommended to avoid streets in residential areas to prevent pedestrian accidents.

Party hosts have a responsibility to ensure their guests’ safety. The following are tips to facilitate a safe evening for all who attend your event.

Safety Tips for Party Hosts

  • Do not serve alcohol to minors. They could be charged with underage drinking and a minor DUI if they operate a vehicle, and you can be held liable for providing them alcohol.
  • Do not let impaired guests drive. Make sure everyone has a sober driver before they leave. Offer non-alcoholic beverages to guests.
  • Use artificial candles. This will help prevent flammable costume materials from coming into contact with flames.
  • Make the walkway clear for guests. Remove any items that could potentially lead to a slip or fall for guests. Their costumes might already pose difficulty for them to move around. Additionally, they could be wearing masks that make their sight less visible.