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A bike where the fork can break apart during use is very dangerous. You should not ride this bike due to the potential for serious injury while riding.

Fork Danger

The 2013 Stromer ST1 women’s and men’s pedal-assist electric bicycles, models M33 Elite and P48 Platinum, have been recalled as the bike can break and cause serious injury to the rider. If you or someone you know rides one of these bicycles, do not ride it! These bikes are electrical so they aren’t normal bicycles. The bikes, which run roughly $3,500-$4,000, have an integrated lithium battery and have a motor on the back with “Stromer”  printed on it. Depending on the speeds a person is going, serious injuries can occur. If you have one of these bicycles, you should return it to a Stromer dealer where they will replace the fork for you at no cost.