Driving an unsafe vehicle opens the door to a number of negative possibilities. Your car has the potential to crash, the possibility of needing expensive repairs, and the ability to harm other people on the road. Rarely do people know how serious or dangerous a problem with their vehicle is until it’s too late. To stay safe on the road, here are five signs that you’re driving an unsafe vehicle and what might be the cause. 

Any Kind Of Smoke 

Your car can create 3 types of smoke, white, black, and blue, and they should all be addressed. The most common reason your car might be smoking is overheating. A car can overheat because of the car’s cooling system malfunctioning, the engine coolant leaking, overheating liquids, radiator issues, broken water pumps, etc. Regular maintenance on your car can help you avoid a case of overheating. Your car might also be smoking for a number of less common reasons, such as fluid in the engine, oil leaking, and burning and worn valve seals.

Gas Or Fuel Smells

Sometimes, a gas smell coming from your car might be because you just refilled your gas tank. In these cases, there is no cause for alarm, you just might need to double-check that your gas cap is on securely. Other times, a gas smell coming from your car is something more serious. Here are some common reasons a gas or fuel smell would come from your car:

  1. Your fuel tank is punctured and leaking.
  2. Leaking fuel injector.
  3. Broken or loose spark plugs.
  4. The oil cap gasket is faulty.
  5. Poor fuel pressure.
  6. Your car might just be old.

Poor Acceleration:

If you are pressing your foot down on the acceleration pedal and your car is not responding as it should, this could be the result of several issues that are making your vehicle unsafe to drive. While poor acceleration could be a sign of issues with the engine, fuel lines, or other crucial mechanical systems of the car, an inability to accelerate greatly puts the driver and passengers at risk of being unable to prevent an accident or breaking down on a highly-trafficked road. Therefore, if you are noticing even a small difference in your car’s acceleration, it’s safest to have it looked at immediately. 

Squeaking Brakes:

If you ask most drivers what the most important part of a vehicle is, most will likely claim it’s the brakes. Rightly so, the brakes are what aid in stopping a car in motion, preventing countless accidents, and saving lives any time you get behind the wheel. So, if you begin to notice a sound, specifically a squeaking, coming from your brakes, it is a tell-tale sign that your brakes are worn down and need to be replaced immediately. Worn-down brakes are bound to happen to any car that is frequently used, making them significantly less effective in stopping the car, and rendering the whole vehicle as being unsafe. The last thing anybody wants it to not be able to stop a car when necessary or come to the realization that their vehicle can’t be stopped at all. 


If a car is vibrating for any reason, either in motion or not, chances are there’s at least one defective part. Vibrating can be caused by a number of issues including a bent wheel, unalignment, defective tires, worn suspension, and the list goes on. it could also be the result of damaged brake rotors, or one of the many issues that can be found inside the engine or transmission. If you notice even the slightest vibration in your car, it’s best to take care of it immediately because it will likely only get worse or put you and others in danger on the road. 

If you do find yourself in an accident due to mechanical failure of your vehicle, follow the after-accident steps laid out by the personal injury lawyers at Nevarez Law Group. These will ensure that further damage is done and help prepare you for the intricacies following an accident.