Black Friday and Cyber Monday are universally recognized as days of super-sales and low prices on typically expensive goods. Every year, Americans all over the country rush to stores to start their holiday shopping and get great deals on appliances, electronics, and other prized items. Unfortunately, the popularity of Black Friday often leads to large crowds and potentially dangerous situations. 


Black Friday Death and Injury Statistics 

Black Friday Death Count began in 2006, tracking data through Black Friday 2018. In that time there have been 117 injuries and 12 deaths reported. The most dangerous year for shoppers so far was 2013, with 10 incidents reported overall. Avoid becoming part of this statistic and stay safe while spending by following this list of tips.

busy mall

Don’t Fight Over an Item

Emotions often run high during the shopping rush of Black Friday. It’s important to remain calm in order to avoid injuring yourself or others. If someone is being aggressive over an item, it is better to let them have it instead of potentially fighting over it.

Make a Plan to Keep Your Children Safe

In order to keep the whole family safe, make sure that your children have your cell phone number memorized in the event of separation. Black Friday crowds can easily lead to confusion and chaos. Create a plan to meet in a central location if you are unable to find each other.

Shop at Stores Where Security is Present

If a store has limited or no security on Black Friday, it may not be a safe place to shop. Try to shop at stores where extra security guards have been hired to keep shoppers safe.

Ask for help when moving and loading large items

Employees know that many shoppers will be looking to make bigger purchases on Black Friday such as TVs and appliances. If you know the item you’re purchasing will be heavy, ask for help when loading the item into your cart or car. It is better to be safe than risk a serious back or spinal cord injury.

Don’t Make Yourself an Easy Target for Pickpockets

Only take the essentials when you’re shopping. Leave your purse at home and instead bring a wallet with only the credit cards and cash you’ll need. Make sure to keep your wallet in a coat or front pocket. Back pockets are much easier for pickpockets to steal from. If you must carry a purse, make sure it is a small one and can easily be strapped across your body.